Riedell Skates

Handcrafted in Minnesota, USA, Riedell skates have been a leading brand for over half a century. Riedell skates are designed with a tapered toe box, a medium arch, and medium width heels. Riedell is a popular brand amongst entry level skaters as they offer a ‘wide’ width option for their beginner skates, as they understand many children have wide feet. Traditionally, Riedell was designed for first time skaters but has evolved over the years and is now a common brand amongst every level of skater. Riedell also is the only production skate company to offer completely customizable skates at the higher levels. From interior material to exterior colour, their custom skates are durable, unique, and extravagant.

110 Opal
114 Pearl
119 Emerald
133 Diamond
223 Stride
229 Edge
255 Motion
910 Flair
435 Bronze Star
875 Silver Star
1375 Gold Star
2010 Fusion
975 Instructor
4200 Dance
2200 Synchro
3030 Aria

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