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b-sharp ottawa inc. strives to provide the highest quality of services to all of our customers. From precise sharpening’s to professional skate-fittings, b-sharp offers a wide range of services to enhance our customers figure skating and hockey careers. We welcome skaters at all levels to book appointments, drop-in, or give us a call whether they are looking to get advice on what skates to buy, what sharpening to try out, or are simply looking for some basic information about the demands of the skating world. A list of services offered is provided below, if you are looking for something that is not listed specifically, do not hesitate to call and inquire about more detailed services.

Sharpening Cards – 10 pre-paid Sharpenings
Hockey Card $70
Figure Card $130

Figure sharpening $16
Figure Group (10+) $12/each
Blade mount $40
Hockey sharpening $9
Hockey Group (10+) $6/each

Heat Mold $15
Profile $40
Hooks/Eyelets $7.08
Rivets $4.00
Skate Stretching $40

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