Hockey Wrap - Hockey Stick Blade Protector Wrap Around

The Hockey Wrap Around Off-Ice stick protector is a lightweight plastic version that allows you to use your favourite on-ice hockey stick off the ice without causing damage to the stick blade. Specifically formulated plastic for maximum durability and fle

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The Hockey WrapAround ICE is the latest addition to the Hockey WrapAround lineup. This version features a lightweight plastic compound that’s specifically formulated for maximum durability and flexibility while protecting your favourite on-ice hockey stick. This tool is perfect for use while playing in harsh off-ice environments such as roads or driveways. Simply wrap it around, tape it, and just like that, you’re slap shot ready. The purpose of the Hockey Wraparound is simple; to let you practice the greatest game on earth anywhere, anytime and on any surface without the fear of damaging your high-end hockey sticks. We all know that equipment and ice-time are very expensive and the Hockey Wraparound is the solution to both!

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